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    Astro Aircraft Leasing is a Hong Kong based consultancy firm, which provides clients with aircraft trading, leasing and financing advisory services. Cooperating with investment banks, airline companies and manufacturers, Astro is also an international hub of cross-continental investment in aviation industry.






    • Professional advisory on general operation of aircraft lessor
    • Systemized training and case study of aircraft lease transactions
    • Advising and assisting customers’ specific project implementation


    Aircraft Trading


    • Unique database of global fleet and professional assets evaluation methodology
    • Mandate from several world leading lessors for portfolio trading
    • Close relations with major China domestic lessors and offering first-hand aircraft trading opportunities


    Aircraft Finance


    • Offering a combination of portfolio origin and funding resources
    • Firm connections with global aircraft finance institutions
    • Rich experience in international aircraft finance practice

  • Past Mandate

    • Assisting a European bank for structural solutions in China;
    • Acting as advisor to a top-tier international company for Chinese related businesses;
    • An international aircraft re-marketing company as advisor in China;
    • One Chinese leasing company to assist in raising financing for two B787-9 aircraft;
    • Two Chinese leasing companies in arranging lease transactions for three A380 aircraft;
    • One Chinese leasing company in arranging sale and leaseback for eight ATR and two B737-800 aircrafts;
    • One international airline to arrange sale and leaseback of two A330-300 and two A321 aircrafts;
    • Advising a private Chinese investment firm on aircraft leasing business;
    • Advising two new start-up Chinese leasing companies on international business;
    • Advising an Asian investment fund in a portfolio purchase transaction;
    • Advising an international lease manager as Chinese business advisor;
    • Advising European investment company as consultant for sourcing investors in Greater China for an aircraft secured debt fund;
    • Advising a US boutique investment house as advisor of Greater China investor markets;
    • Three international airlines to locate strategic equity investors; and
    • An Asian airlines to develop a Hong Kong leasing company.
    • Closed aircraft leasing transaction for three aircraft of value of US$260M and ten aircraft of value US$850M respectively in 2016 & 2017.
  • About Us

    Johnny Lau




    Johnny established Astro Aircraft Leasing in March 2015 and acted as CEO. Johnny started his career at the Bank of East Asia in Hong Kong. In late 1980s, he joined Cathay Pacific Airways Six years later he joined Babcock & Brown then Macquarie Bank. Johnny was recruited by Citi's Asset Finance Group in 2001 and his last capacity was Asia=Pacific Regional Head of Aviation. In 2008, Johnny was appointed as Global Head, Aviation Finance and Managing Director of ICBC Leasing in Beijing. Johnny was then group CFO of spring. Immediately before setting up Astro Aircraft Leasing, Johnny was CEO Aircraft leasing Division, Minsheng Financial Leasing.


    In May 2018, Johnny appointed as Chief Consultant - Aviation Business Services in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). This new initiative takes the lead within the global advisory firm to serve aviation clients including government and commercial corporations. Leading a team of 6 professionals and being responsible to lead the aviation franchise, Johnny has helped PwC winning mandates from SOEs, leasing companies, airlines, banks and investors to provide advisory services in respect to aircraft financing, trading and leasing transactions as well as businesses related to strategy formulation, policy studies, investments, mergers and acquisitions, involving airports, special economic/trade zones, MROs and various aviation entities. .



    • Johnny posses 30 years working experience in aviation and finance, focusing on aircraft financing, trading and leasing businesses.
    • Johnny has focus on arranging domestic and cross-border leases for Asian clients in aviation, shipping and telecommunication industries.
    • Johnny had been involved in aircraft financing, corporate finance, M&A, risk management and transaction banking products for airlines, airports, aircraft leasing companies, MRO and manufacturing customers.
    • As CEO Aircraft Leasing Division of Minsheng Financial Leasing, Johnny led a team of 50 professional executives in the Division managing a fleet of over 130 aircraft.
    • Johnny also helped founding Spring Airlines Japan by recruiting Japanese investors for Spring Airline's first overseas subsidiary.
    • During Johnny’s leadership, ICBC Leasing’s aviation portfolio grew from zero to approximately US$3.5 billion with a fleet of 68 aircrafts. ICBC Leasing was also awarded three Deal of the Year awards from 2009-2011 and became the first Chinese leasing company setting up a special purpose company in China, forming an overseas venture and making a speculative order of 62 A320 aircraft with Airbus.




    Johnny is a CPA of HKICPA and a Fellow Member of ACCA in UK. He holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree and a Master of Business Administration Degree from The University of Hong Kong.




    • Chief Consultant of Aviation Business Services in PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd., since May 2018; 
    • Senior Special Advisor (Aviation Industry) of Dong Jiang Free Trade Port Government in Tianjin since September 2014;
    • Member of Banking and Finance Industry Training Board, Hong Kong Vocational Training Council since 2016;
    • Member of Business Administration Programme Advisory Committee (BA PAdvC) of the Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge (PEAK) of Hong Kong from 1 Sep 2016 to 31 Aug 2022;
    • Executive committee member of the Hong Kong Aircraft Leasing and Aviation Finance Association from 1 Nov 2018 to 31 Oct 2019;
    • Expert member of Aircraft Leasing Special Committee, Guangdong Provincial Financial Leasing Association in 2018; 
    • Convenor of social groups of industry practitioners in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, governor of CHAPS (Community of Hong Kong Aviation Professionals)
    • External Examiner of Professional Diploma in Aircraft Leasing and Aviation Finance, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education; and
    • Visiting Lecturer in the Interdisciplinary Division of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


  • Insights


    Our CEO Johnny Lau was one of the panelists in the discussion.

    Panel discussion: Air Finance Outlook (14 Nov) & How the next generation narrow and wide-body aircraft will change the shape of air travel in Asia (15 Nov)

    CAPA Aviation summit, Singapore 14 - 15 Nov 2019

    Our CEO Johnny Lau was one of the panelists in the discussion.

    Panel discussion in International Aviation Supply Chain Leadership Summit

    ISAC 国际航空产业链领袖峰会 7 Nov 2019

    Our CEO Johnny Lau was one of the panelists in the forum.

    Interview with TVB

    hONG KONG, 24 sEP 2019

    Panel discussion: Leased aircraft trading management

    The 4th Annual Aircraft Remarketing and Trading Management Forum, Guangzhou 7 SEP 2018

    Our CEO Johnny Lau was one of the speakers in the forum.

  • Guangzhou, 19 JaN 2018

    Our CEO Johnny Lau was one of the speakers in the forum.

    amcham taxation committee luncheon, hong kong

    11 JULY 2017

    Our CEO Johnny Lau was one of the speakers in the event.

    ISHKA, Clontarf castle, Dublin 5 JUL 2017

    Our CEO Johnny Lau was one of the speakers in the event.

    HKGCC roundtable luncheon, hong kong 15 MAY 2017

    Our CEO Johnny Lau & Mr. John Timpany, international tax partner with KPMG China, spoke on the business opportunities arising from Hong Kong's new tax regime on aircraft leasing at Chamber roundtable luncheon. They covered a range of issues that included the global outlook on aircraft leasing, opportunities in China market and the accruable benefits to Hong Kong as a result of the new tax law....

    istat asia, hong kong 11 May 2017

    Our CEO Johnny Lau was one of the speakers in the event.

    New Sources of Funding - Asia


    Our CEO Johnny Lau was one of the speakers in the event.

    第四届中国航空金融发展(东疆)国际论坛, 24 Sept 2015

    Our CEO Johnny Lau was one of the speakers in the forum.

  • Insights

    中国经济导报 (作者: 崔立勇) , 12 DEC 2021


    财新网 記者: 贾天琼, 16 DEC 2021

    据刘浩然介绍,飞机及发动机制造商主要通过探索新能源和降低发动机能耗、提高燃油利 用率,减少碳排放。如发动机制造商CFM,投入50%以上的研发投入改进引擎效率;空客公司 则支持电动、氢能、可持续燃油技术等零碳技术研发,计划2035年研发出世界首架零碳商用 飞机..... 

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  • Media

    渤海租赁 - 【每周租赁观察】(资讯来源:财经网)20 JUL 2020


    中国经济新闻网 - 記者: 劉惠 21JUL 2020


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    IASC, 24 MAY 2020


    2 MAR2020 /《财经》记者 陈亮 王静仪 编辑/施智梁,


    PwC Aviation newsletter, mar2020

    ...Johnny says.....we witness continually low lease rental factors, high aircraft costs and low interest rate margins. It has become more difficult to find attractive deals even with new, lower return expectations as compared to previous times....


    airfinance, 15 MAY 2019

    Be one of the Panelists, Johnny joined to analyse aircraft asset-backed securitization, & discuss its corresponding benefits and identify associated business in webinar. "....A bit of equity kick will be attractive for investors,” confirmed Johnny Lau

    airfinance, 15 MAY 2019

    "This will provide a good market environment for potential issuers. There will be issuers who show more interest, "said Johnny Lau...

    Analysis: Terminating the zombies - regulatory oversight shift for Chinese lessors

    airfinance, 20 SEP 2018

    ...Laus says that this ambiguity is dangerous and advises lessors unsure of the implications of the new regulations to take a step back....

    airfinance, 22 NOV2017

    ...Astro Aircraft Leasing's Johnny Lau said that many of his Chinese investor clients have been drawn to Hong Kong after the city's legislature passed a bill reducing the effective tax rate for aircraft leasing companies domiciled in Hong Kong to 1.65%....

  • Media

    airfinance, 2017 CHINA SUPPLEMENT p.18-19


    AIRFINANCE, 25 APR 2017

    ""In the past, you would give the banks certain names and discussions would be a non-starter, but now One Belt One Road is the magic phrase." said Johnny Lau.

    Reuters, 3 Feb 2016

    "The political drive is there for China to be part of the global economy,", said Johnny Lau.

    aViation Finance, Vol. 5, issue 23

    'Western leasing companies and banks have employed staff and agents inside China. There are a lot of newly incorporated domestic companies - in particular leasing companies – which have become more powerful, both in terms of resources and new ideas. The market share of non-Chinese companies has declined as a result and this is disturbing,' says Lau.

    south china morning post, 1 oct 2015

    "Chinese lessors are desperately courting aircraft management talent as many now have to deal with aircraft coming out of lease contracts for the first time, and a record number of new planes are about to be delivered into China,", said Johnny Lau.

    Flightglobal, 23 Apr 2015

    Astro Aircraft Leasing plans to tap the growing appetite in Hong Kong for investment into leased aircraft.

    CAPA, 4 Mar 2015

    “You need to prepare when you are in good shape, so don’t wait until you are in need of money, you have to do it when everybody is coming to you… That’s the perfect timing for you to negotiate the best deal.”, said Johnny Lau.

    CAPA, 4 MAR 2015

    "the amount of regulatory paperwork required to satisfy regulators within China will “hinder any positive aggressive development” of the leasing business in the country.", said Johnny Lau.

    airfinance, 30 Mar 2015

    Former Minsheng executive sets up own leasing company in Hong Kong.

    airfinance, 30 Mar 2015

    Former Minsheng executive sets up own leasing company in Hong Kong.

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